Who We Are




Newly formed (6/2020) nonprofit organization in State of Georgia.


To conduct research-based advocacy and program development to improve racial equity and equality for minority subpopulations with a focus on equity and equality for minority entrepreneurs and C Level execs in corporate America.


To see greater access, inclusion and equality for minority entrepreneurs and minority C Level Execs, Managers & leaders in the American socio-economic systems.


The 84Six Institute develops, implements and facilitates programs in the areas of:

  • Minority Entrepreneurship Advising, Coaching & Management in Financial Management, Accessing Capital, Organizational Strategies, Operational Efficiencies
  • Policy Research in areas relevant to minority matters such as: capital access, minority centric public policy
  • Leadership in multi- racial & cross-cultural organizations

Program Delivery: The 84Six Institute delivers these programs via

  • Online Education Curricula
  • Virtual Live Training
  • Conferences & Symposiums
  • One on One Coaching / Consulting

Here is a sample of our curriculum offerings which can be delivered in any or all of our program delivery options

  • Training small business minority entrepreneurs to maximize their business opportunities
  • Leadership Development Training for non-minority leaders & managers to equip them with skills and sensitivities to lead/manage minority team members
  • Leadership Training for minority leaders & managers on how to navigate as a minority leader/manager as minority
  • Inter-Racial Sensitivity & Competence Training

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We are seeking board members and Advisors to our Board. Advisors to board should have experience, expertise or a passion in one of the following areas: social justice, advocacy for underserved, minority populations, public policy, research. 
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The 84Six Institute was co-founded by Walter V Murray and Rosemarie Wilson.

Here is a brief video bio for Murray

Murray is a small minority entrepreneur with several successful businesses beginning in 1990. He is the CEO/Director of Research at Genesis Policy Research. Genesis Policy Research is a key partner with 84Six in performing research on issues relevant o race, economics and entrepreneurship.

Murray is also the Executive Director of Genesis Leadership Training LLP, another partner with 84Six. Genesis Leadership Training provides and delivers all the leadership, diversity and inclusion training programs.

Rosemarie Wilson brings 30 plus years of leadership, mostly in local government, and diversity and inclusion for small businesses. She served as the Morris County New Jersey Urban League, Economic Development Director where she developed and managed programs to help small & minority businesses participate in the American economy. She partnered with Fortune 500 companies to promote diversity and inclusion for SMEs.

Wilson also served as Director of Welfare Services for many years and later as Human Service Director. She is currently the Executive Director of You Got Next Foundation. She is an author and advocate for women recovering from sexual abuse. Her book Gasping For Breath narrates her own story of recovery and has inspired women all over the world to begin their journey of recovery.

Our Executive Team

  • Executive Director/Board Chair - W Vernon Murray  
  • Director of Operations Rosemarie Wilson
  • Director of Research Yvonne I Larrier
  • Marketing & Virtual Media Mgr. Kendall Murray