Webinar #175

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How to Maximize the Link between DEI and Corporate Image - Innovation & Income

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After the Training Session you can schedule a Date / Time to have a discusion with me about a DEII Audit and how we maybe able to help you tweak your DEI Infrastucture to improve your Corporate Image, Corporate Innovation and Corporate Income !


If you have not yet completed the DEI Infrastructure Pre-Audit Assesment, please do so now. This is the only way to maximize your benefit from watching this webinar.

We will analyze your Assessment Responses for ecvery question and customize a DEII Strategic Plan for you & your organization !

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Click that link and let me know a date/time we can chat soon!

** typically this assesment + intepreting the results + consulting with you on the assessment results costs $ $2,000 +++.

With this webinar you pay us ZERO $$


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