Personal Perspective Panelist Expert
Monthly Zoom Hall Meetings on Diversity Equity & Inclusion


Invitation to be a 84Six PPPE

Personal Perspectives Panelist Expert

This is my personal invitation to you to be a panelist on our Monthly Zoom Hall Meetings (aka town hall meetings on Zoom). On these Zoom Hall Meetings we discuss issues of DE&I.

At The 84Six Institute for Diversity Inclusion & Parity we broadcast these  Zoom Hall Meetings as part of our agenda to promote inter racial and cross cultural dialogue.

As the moderator for these Zoom Hall Meetings I would love to have you on our team of PPPE's where you can share your expertise, experience and perspectives on all thinsg DE&I.

Example of some topics we discuss …

  1. Meaning Matters when Race Matters – speaking the same language, understanding the language of each other in cross cultural & interracial dialogue
  1. The Sum of All Fears – what both sides fear the most about DE&I. Fear is often the greatest barrier to progress. While there has been some progress in DE&I there is a lot more that could have been achieved. What fears, on both sides, maybe blocking further faster progress.
  1. A DE&I Mindset – extends far beyond race relations. What are the fundamental mindsets of DE&I

Our PPPE Program