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Our Synopisis

We believe that America's small businesses are poised to make a seismic shift in race relations, diversity & inclusion in America. With 6.8 million small businesses where aproximately 135 Million staff/employees intereact with people of every race, ethnicity and every gender,  America's small businesses are a fertile ground for planting teh seeds of diversity, inclusion and collaboration.

But small businesses need the training & tools necessary to build a vibrant robust Diversity & Inclusion Infrastructure. Watch the videos below for a brief overview of how The 84Six Institute will be partnering with America's small business owners, execs, leaders to make this seismic shift in diversity & inclusion.

We invite you to partner with us as we partner with America's small businesses !

Partnering 4 Change

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If you are a philanthropic organization or individual or someone who wants to make a significant impact on race relations, diversity & inclusion in America, let us talk soon. The 84Six Institute for Diversity & Inclusion is ready to partner with you.

Watch these short intro videos below then contact me today !

Key Partners include...
  • The Genesis Public Policy Research Institute Inc
  • Genesis Leadership Training LLP
  • Strategic Business Analysts LLC
  • The You Got Next Foundation Inc

support to date


We have already recieved $ 1.2 million in committments and funding from our partners. But this is just a drop in the bucket.

We are seeking $ 4 Million in support from organizations / individuals just like you to help us make a seismic positive impact on Diversity & Inclusion in America's small businesses.

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D & I MasterMind Group

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