Our Contribution

The 84Six Institute is committed to making a difference. Using our expertise, experience and partnerships we focus our contributions in the areas of

  • Minority Entreprenuership Advising, Coaching & Management
  • Policy Research in areas relevant to minority matters such as: capital access, minority centric public policy
  • Leadership Development & Training

Specifically, The 84Six Institute provides

  1. Training small business minority entrepenuers to maximize their business opportunities
  2. Financial Management Training for Minority Entreprenuers
  3. Leadership Training for non-minority leaders & managers with skills to lead/manage minority team members
  4. Leadership Training for minority leaders & managers on how to navigate as a minority leader/manager as minority
  5. Inter-Racial Sensitivity & Competence Training


We have formed strategic alliances and partnerships with other small businesss such as

  • Genesis Leadership Training LLP
  • Strategic Business Analysts LLC
  • Auditing Accounting & Consulting LLLP