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To: Carolyn R Forrest, Associate Secretary, Human Relations - North American Division

My name is Walter V Murray and I would love to chat with you for a few minutes to explore some unique ways to bolster NAD's diversity equity & inclusion strategies. NAD is already way ahead of many other organizations in diversity equity and inclusion planning but I'm sure that NAD is not ready to rest on its laurels and become complacent.

The short intro video below will give you much more info about the discussion I would love to have with you.

Walter V Murray CPA MSc PhD



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Here's a DEI Infrastructure Pre-Audit Assesment,to help us begin assessing your DEI Infrastructure !

We will analyze your Assessment Responses for every question and customize a DEII Strategic Plan for you & your organization !

After you complete the Assessment you will get your preliminary scores immediately AND you will see my calendar schedule link.

Click that link and let me know a date/time we can chat soon!

** typically this assesment + intepreting the results + consulting with you on the assessment results costs $ $2,000 +++.

With this offer you pay us ZERO $$


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