Join Our Team

We are selecting individuals to partner with us to advocate for action that addresses racial and socio-economic inequities in our society. We believe that there is significant synergy between your positions and ours on the racial and social issues plaguing America.

We are selecting our board of directors for the next 2 year term and would like you to serve as a board member or an advisor to our board. As a board member we will require your input via quarterly virtual board sessions and via other electronic / telephonic communications between board meetings on an as needed basis only.

We know this is quite a commitment to make in your already hectic schedule and will be mindful of that fact in our requests for meetings etc. Over your term as a board member or advisor to board we anticipate that 12 – 24 hours per YEAR of your time would be more than sufficient to help The 84Six Institute achieve its goals and missions.

As an Advisor to the board your role will be similar to a board member except that you would be in a non-voting capacity. The time requirements will also be similar.

Thank you again for choosing to be a part of our 84Six Team.


W Vernon Murray CPA DBA PhD, Executive Director

Thank you again for choosing tobe a part of our 84Six Team. Select below