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America must negotiate a new deal with its minority citizens in order to cure the virus of racism.

But negotiation only works if both sides are negotiating from positions of strength.

Negotiation is most effective when both sides can frame the negotiation with framing questions that focus the dialogue to address demands.

8 Challenges
4 Questions
6 Demands

8 Challenges

Change comes through Challenge.

Not just challenge but change comes when ordinary people rise to champion extraordinary challenge. America, the world is in a time of extraordinary challenge. Challenge to make sustainbale change that outlives the latest news cycle, change that moves forward even when there are no horrific videos of humanity’s inhumane treatment of humans because of the hue of their skin.

So here are some ways you can create change by rising to a challenge. We have designed these challenges not as a “one time thing” but these are challenges that will create a sustainable continuous change.

These are not just “black people” challenges or challenges for white people to do. We all, black, brown and white must rise to the challenges of change.

So Choose A Challenge & Change America, Change The World


8 Challenges - Choose A Challenge & Be The Change

  1. Power up minority business -Spend more with Black owned businesses -  $8.46 at least 1 day per week for 8 Weeks or 80.46/month for 8 Months
  2. Power up inter-racial understanding - Spend more time getting to know someone of another race -8 minutes 46 secs per week talking to someone of another race -doesn’t have to be heavy stuff about racism etc. – just get to know them. Make it someone different each week
  3. Power up your personal economics start your personal savings/investing. $80.46/month-if you already saving and investing then increase it by $80.46/month– Saving/investing rate among blacks is 35% lower than the rest of the population
  4. Power up police relationships - Get to know the police – 8 mins 46 seconds per month talk to a cop on anything, cop of any color – a white cop preferably if you are black and a black cop if you are white.
  5. Power up your learning spend 8 mins 46 seconds/week learning about black or brown history/culture/economics. Watch a documentary or read 8.46 pages from a book on black or brown history, culture, economics. Here’s a good book to start with – The Black Cheese by Walter V Murray
  6. Power up your community involvement volunteer 84.6 mins / month with a community or non-profit organization where you can mentor a young African American or Hispanic youth or volunteer for some other cause
  7. Power up your politics you can do this by committing to be openminded and nonpartisan with some one who has opposing political views. Accept their political position without devolving into partisan rhetoric. Have a Civil Discourse !
  8. Power up your wellness 8 minutes 46 seconds. Three times per day do something intentional and scheduled to power up your physical and mental well-being – take a walk, close the door and listen to calming music, etc


...- there are EIGHT Challenges above to choose from

4 Questions


America must negotiate a new deal with its minority citizens in order to cure the virus of racism. Negotiation is most effective when both sides can frame the negotiation with framing questions that focus the dialogue to address demands.

  1. Does America have the moral capacity for a more equitable society?
  2. What commitments am I going to make to bridge the inter racial and inter cultural gaps in my own circles of influence?
  3. What does “all men are created equal” mean to me? To America?
  4. What cognitive and emotive constructs about other races, cultures do I need to destruct ?

What questions are you willing to ask? What questions are you not afraid to explore in order to help America renogotiate a more equitable deal for all it's citizens?

Here is a question - " how do inequities for America's minorities create inequities for all of America's citizens ?

Radical new look at the racial economic inequities. The premise of this book by Murray poses the radical question of what African Americans can do to strengthen their economic negotiating position.

6 Demands




Demand for change cannot be a Black or Brown Demand. It has to be a Collective Demand. All Americans, Black, Brown, White and all hues of humanity must demand that America live up to its true calling and be a land of the free, where all can pursue life, love and liberty without fear of discrimination !

6 Demands

  1. De-institutionalized racial bias in access to financial capital for minority owned businesses.
  2. Establishing sector specific independent non-govt/public oversight agencies at Federal & State levels tasked with managing & monitoring inter racial interactions within each sector. For example sectors such as Banking & Finance, Justice/Legal, Education, Healthcare, etc.
  3. Increased Media Cultural-Racial Sensitivity – media communications play critical role in telling the stories of race relation. Media should be required to engage in training to help them understand how to tell the story of a multi-cultural America. So young black men who commit comparable crimes as young white men are not labeled “thugs” while their white counterparts are “troubled”.
  4. Education – require curriculum changes to include racial sensitivity & relations training from PreK to College.
  5. Tougher penalties & enforcement of anti-discrimination laws
  6. Destructing and Restructuring of law enforcement with less militarization and more community service focus.