Diversity & Inclusion Training


To provide principles of Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) which business owners, C Level execs, Managers, Supervisors & any Team Leaders can use to create and strengthen a D&I C Change on teams, depts and organizations.

You will learn paradigms, strategies and get practical tools to re-image your teams, depts, organizations with deep and sustainable organizational changes that accelerate Diversity & Inclusion.



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Building Diverse & Inclusive Teams -Team Building Fundamentals

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Without a strong team culture it is almost impossible to build diversity & inclusion into your organization. Strong teams find it amazingly easy to embrace diversity & inclusion. This is most evident in pro sports. Athletes on a team find that their team bond transcends their differences as they work together for a common goal - a championship! Learning how to build a strong team will make diversity & inclusion a whole lot easier.

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Master Class Series - Diversity & Inclusion Leadership

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This is a THREE class series that looks at the history of Diversity & Inclusion. I give you a historical perspective of legislation & policy that created the need for diversity & inclusion reforms. Then I look at legislation that helped promote diversity & inclusion. Then we give a brief overview of the FIVE building blocks of a strong D&I program.

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Five Fundamentals of Successful Diversity & Inclusion Programs

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This course covers the five essential elements you must have when you design and deploy a diversion and inclusion program. Not only do we tell you what these five fundamentals are but we teach you how to build them into your organization, how to periodically assess each element to ensure it is functioning as expected. For example, element # 1 is "data". What data should you collect, how to collect this data and what does it mean for your diversity & inclusion?

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Virtual Conference / Training Topics

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5 Keys to Understanding the Legal Requirements

  1. What government agencies oversee diversity & inclusion
  2. Legal definitions & standards of diversity & inclusion
  3. Legal remedies available to victims of exclusion based on unallowable measures
  4. Retaliation – the legal mine field
  5. Fines, penalties and other punitive measures you may be subject to

Diversity & Inclusion Training for Minorities

It’s a dangerous assumption to make that just because black & brown people are victims of exclusion that they don’t need diversity and inclusion training. Diversity & inclusion is a two way negotiation – both sides must be well equipped and trained.
–         Utilizing small business best practices
–         Becoming more “bankable” for better access to capital
–         Documenting your excellence
–         Its not about guilt tripping white people

Leading Multiracial and Multicultural Teams

    1. Establishing Excellence Metrics
    2. Uniformity & objectivity in applying metrics
    3. Apply team building concepts such as– The 4Rs, Ecosystems, GTIs, etc.

Inclusion: What it is & What it is Not

  • How to include minorities without asking them to be like everyone else
  • How to tap into their uniqueness to achieve organizational goals
  • Team member strengths assessment matrixed with team goals
  • Its Not Diversity – how is inclusion different that diversity?
  • Not Assimilation – 3 keys indicators
  • Not patronizing or affirmative action – 3 Indicators
  • 7 Bias Barriers to Successfully Implementing Inclusion
  • The 1 Good Bias

B2B: The White Business Owner’s Guide to Working With Minority Business Owners

    1. Inclusion does not require that you compromise quality
    2. Uniformity in applying Quality standards – disclose standards, use a consensus vetting process

How to Negotiate Inclusion

Beyond a moral demand, what “inclusion worthy” value do you bring to the table. How to bring organizational specific value to the table for inclusion. This module is ideal for minorities as we negotiate for meaningful inclusion.

Black & Brown Studies for White People

Understanding & Knowing Always Facilitates Inclusion. This module looks at black & brown historical figures who made contributions to the American way of life. Also looks at current socio-economic factors that shape and frame the black + brown experience. Fake Facts do more damage to Diversity and Inclusion than overtly racists people.

You Don’t Need the Guilt Trip

  1. Well-meaning white people who simply need to be educated about their unconscious biases need not carry the guilt trip of their forefathers acts towards black people. Guilt tripping is a barrier to true reconciliation. Instead of guilt tripping acknowledge and activate.
      1. Why guilt is counterproductive –
        1. creates over reaction
        2. emotional vs cognitive
      2. Identify guilt response vs guided response
        1. Guided response= planned, proactive, purposeful