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Purpose of a DEI Infrastructure (DEII) Audit

A DE&I Infrastructure audit should be part of your diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) leadership proficiencies. A DEI proficiency is a DEI process/requirement/strategy that a DEI leader must do extremely well to ensure that their organization maximizes diversity, equity and inclusion.

We design your DEII audit to go beyond simply a legal compliance audit. We design your DEII Audit to dig deeper into the key elements of your DEI infrastructure. We use our proprietary 12 Point DEII Audit methodology to ensure a comprehensive DEII audit.


The workflow in your DEII audit follows the general progression...

Pre-Audit Assessment – to determine if your DEI is even auditable

Data Collection – via interviews, surveys, assessments

Testing – see how the elements of your DEI measure up to standardized metrics

Findings – prepare reports for review with DEI leadership

Corrective Action Plan Recommendations

Final Report

Exit Interview with DEI Leadership & other key leaders

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