4 Questions

4 Framing Questions


America must negotiate a new deal with its minority citizens in order to cure the virus of racism. Negotiation is most effective when both sides can frame the negotiation with framing questions that focus the dialogue to address demands.

  1. Does America have the moral capacity for a more equitable society?
  2. What commitments am I going to make to bridge the inter racial and inter cultural gaps in my own circles of influence?
  3. What does “all men are created equal” mean to me? To America?
  4. What cognitive and emotive constructs about other races, cultures do I need to destruct ?

What questions are you willing to ask? What questions are you not afraid to explore in order to help America renogotiate a more equitable deal for all it's citizens?

Here is a question - " how do inequities for America's minorities create inequities for all of America's citizens ?

Radical new look at the racial economic inequities. The premise of this book by Murray poses the radical question of what African Americans can do to strengthen their economic negotiating position.

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